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Did You Dream About Tar? Here's What It Means

So you dreamed about tar? This is an interesting dream topic that can have multiple possible interpretations.

Scroll down for three different points-of-view from our dream guides on what it means to dream about tar.

Which meaning makes the most sense for you?

What does tar mean in dreams?

1. The traditional interpretation

Mary headshot
Mary Leyen
Dream Expert,
Contributor: "3 of Dreams Book of Dreams"

A dream about tar often hints at feelings of being stuck or trapped in a situation. The meaning of tar may be more subtle than that, however.

It can also represent negative emotions or toxic relationships that are weighing you down. If you dream about something or someone being covered in tar, it may suggest that you are unable to see the true nature of a situation or person due to negative perceptions or feelings. This dream is a call to action to free yourself from these burdens and seek clarity.

Tar is a very rich and colorful dream symbol to pin down for sure. To really say with any kind of confidence, I'd want to get to know the dreamer's past and mindset.

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2. The psychoanalyst's interpretation

Ernesto headshot
Ernesto Andrahi
Contributor: "3 of Dreams Book of Dreams"

Dreaming of tar, in Freudian terms, can be a manifestation of the unconscious mind's struggle with repressed guilt or shame, akin to the tar's sticky, dark, and difficult-to-remove nature.

With that being said, tar can be more complicated than that. It may symbolize the dreamer's internal conflict to cleanse oneself of these negative emotions. When the dream involves an object or individual enveloped in tar, it could represent a projection of these feelings onto that entity. It suggests a need for the dreamer to confront and resolve these feelings, rather than displacing them onto others. This dream serves as an invitation to embark on a journey of introspection and emotional resolution.

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3. The spiritualist's interpretation

Liz headshot
Liz Morrison
Shaman and Spirit Guide,
Contributor: "3 of Dreams Book of Dreams"

Dreaming of tar is a spiritual sign of being ensnared in a situation or relationship that is hindering your growth. It's a divine nudge to break free from these shackles and seek enlightenment. If you've dreamt of something or someone covered in tar, it's a spiritual mirror reflecting your inability to perceive the truth due to negative emotions clouding your vision. This dream is a spiritual call to cleanse your aura, remove the tar of negativity, and embrace clarity. It's a divine invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery and emotional healing. Remember, dreams are divine whispers guiding you towards spiritual growth and self-realization.

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So which dream explanation works the best for you?

Which interpretation above for tar fits with your unique situation?

Only you can say for certain. Remember that our dreaming mind can be a complex and multifaceted place. Each and every object or image from a dream can reflect a wide range of meanings — or symbolize multiple forces in our waking life.

Do you have a slightly different dream analysis on a dream about tar you can add? Add your own thoughts in the comment section below.

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